Stops Working

If the glass moves a few inches and stops, then the motor is allowed time to cool down and will again move a few inches; the power motor will need to be replaced. If there is no sound coming from the motor, it may not be getting power or the motor itself may have an open circuit. Checking for power to the window's motor normally requires removing the door panel to access the wiring. After access to the power window wiring is gained, a test light or meter can be used to see if it is getting power and ground. I've learned over the years a short cut that saves the hassle of removing the door panel for testing the motor. Most of the time when checking this problem, just turn the headlights and interior lights on; look for a slight dimming of the interior or dash lights when the power window switch is pushed. If a slight flicker or dimming of the interior lights occur, this indicates that the switch is functional and the motor is bad. Try this with one of the power windows that is working to gauge the affect on the interior lights. If there is no change in the brightness of the interior lights when trying this with the inoperative window, the switch could be bad.


Problems with your electric window motors? Is your power window broken? Is your power window not working at all? Think you may need new electric window motors? Auto Glass Solutions has window motors and the power window repair products you need for domestic or foreign vehicles. 

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Window Regulator Information

Window regulators and motors, located within car doors, help raise and lower windows of the vehicle. Since we use our windows frequently, window regulators and window motors are some of the most actively used parts in any vehicle. For this reason, window regulators and window motors are subject to high wear and tear that lead to breakage and inconvenience.

Some of the common reasons for window regulator and window motor failure(s) include excessive strain and breakage caused by forcing the window, damaged window track, old or worn pulley and cable lines, and general wear and tear. Therefore, the quality of the design and material is important to the reliability of the window regulator and motor.



Window Switches

The switch is the assembly that applies power to the window motor. Depressing the switch applies voltage to the motor causing it to move. Depressing the switch in the opposite direction causes the motor to turn in the opposite direction. Window switches can be a group of buttons (commonly found on the front driver's side door) or a single switch. Window switches can also be grouped with power door lock switches and be console or dash mounted.


            Power Window Motor Products and More!
Our company sells  new, used and remanufactured power window motors. When someone has a broken power window, people purchase our products to replace the motors/cable regulators within the doors of their cars. We can provide you with the correct power window motor or cable assembly from several hundred varieties that we have in stock. You can then use this motor/cable assembly to replace the broken or malfunctioning one within the door of your car. . Our warranty is for  3  months and if the power window motor you purchased from us fails within this time period we will replace it.


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