OEM Used Airbag Module.

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When you need to replace, repair or reset your airbag module we are your best option . By resetting the vehicles original SRS airbag module, auto repair shops across the country count on our reset services to lower their cost of rebuilding vehicles. During the reset process we simply read and clear any airbag codes present in the airbag computer.    "If you are not from Chicago call for shipping rates"!

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Lock Seatbelt?

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If you are in an accident and your airbag deployes. 90% of the time your seatbelts locks!. Don't buy new seatbelts. We have thousands of used  seatbelts.  Call Us Today!

OEM Used Airbags

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When you need to replace your deployed airbags, "let us save you money." Learn how we have helped thousands of individuals rebuild their vehicle by replacing their deployed airbags with factory OEM used airbag replacement parts.

Air Bag Light On?

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We can reset your air bag light for any fault codes registered inside your air bag module. Module is often referred as the airbag computer. In most  situations once the airbags have deployed  you will need to either replace it with a new or a recycled airbag module.